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Episode #1:

"Survivorship in the Clinic"

Aparna Kalyan, MD
Lurie Cancer Center at Northwestern Medicine, GI Oncology

Sheetal Kircher, MD
Lurie Cancer Center at Northwestern Medicine, Hematology Oncology
Medical Director, Survivorship Institute of Northwestern

Featured topics and Time-stamped Episode Bytes:

00:00:34 What does Survivorship mean?
00:04:14 Importance of routine care
00:07:49 Delivering survivorship care
00:10:36 Serving as and communicating with PCPs
00:13:37 Models of survivorship programs
00:17:59 Starting a survivorship program
00:21:23 Dream goal for survivorship issues and programs
00:23:53 Links, resources and guidance

Episode Resources:

NCCN Survivorship Resources (behind login wall) 
ASCO Survivorship Compendium

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