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Episode #5:

"Pain and Supportive Oncology"
Part Two

Aparna Kalyan, MD
Lurie Cancer Center at Northwestern Medicine, GI Oncology

Eytan Szmuilowicz, MD
Northwestern Memorial Hospital
Director of the Section of Palliative Medicine

Featured topics and Time-stamped Episode Bytes

00:00:24   PRN dosing for breakthrough pain
00:03:06   When to consider making a change in opioid prescription
00:08:57   Educating patients when switching to a patch
00:10:45   Taking liver and kidney dysfunction into account
when making dose decisions
00:13:14   When to try non-opiate meds
00:14:54   Medical cannabis for pain management
00:18:23   Take home points for thinking about pain management
00:20:01   Resources and information

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